Since 2010, Auto Vino has stood as the top-tier establishment in the San Francisco Bay Area, offering a secure, conveniently situated, and climate-controlled haven for housing rare and exotic automobiles. This pristine facility ensures the safety and cleanliness of your prized vehicles. Use a VIN Check to find more information about the history of the vehicle.

Our unique venue is a fusion of automotive marvels and a functional winery, setting the stage for an extraordinary backdrop to elevate your special events. It promises an otherworldly experience that will etch unforgettable memories into your day’s narrative.

Make Auto Vino your destination for a delectable Friday Lunch or a Weekend Wine Tasting, where you can savor our freshly crafted menu. We serve up authentic Neapolitan Pizzas, gourmet burgers, Tri-Tip, and salmon sandwiches, all prepared in a wood-fired oven. Pair these culinary delights with our award-winning wines for a truly indulgent experience.

Take advantage of our recently unveiled outdoor wine garden and dining area. While relishing our exquisite wines, explore our Car Museum, brimming with a collection of rare and exotic automobiles, allowing for an up-close encounter with automotive history.

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At Auto Vino, we’re excited to connect with fellow enthusiasts, event planners, and wine lovers. Whether you have questions about our facility, want to discuss booking a unique event, or simply share your passion for automobiles and wine, we welcome your inquiries and feedback.